Dicey carrot time!

2 Feb

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking it’s a new carrot update, but you’d be wrong my orange-coloured root-vegetable friends. For I speak not of vegetables but of Super Sevens.

Already I hear the cry from the fair Isles of Engeerland “Harrk thee, what be these Super Sevens yee speak of?”

Well, my fellow UK gloom mongers, at this time of year in Wellington they hold a two-day fancy dress/ boozeathon with the rather weak excuse that it’s somehow a celebration of Rugby.

I’m no fool (or so I think) but I know a ‘massive piss-up’ when I see a ‘massive piss-up’ and this whole rugby shenanigans is total BS. For starters, it’s not even proper rugby, it’s 7-a-side with astronomical score lines like 657-889. Even the rubbish players get to score, a bit like sports day at the end of the school year where everyone one gets a chance and it’s all the taking part that counts mumbo jumbo they tell you.

And for those Kiwis who say “How dare you” please just look at the stadium. Those crowds couldn’t give a fig whose running around on the grass. I’m sure I could perform a song and dance routine of  I’m a little teapot, see my spout  and they’d be entertained with their half-sloshed brains.

So lets call this Super Sevens event what it is – a 48 hour alcohol induced mind bender and just be thankful. If this was in ‘Engeerland’ you’d skip the fancy dress, get pissed, watch the game, get even more pissed then kick the shite out of anyone you could find – we call this event Saturday.

UK people click here and see the wonderful costumes that were made, and if you can find any pictures of the Rubgy then let me know.

The Other Half and Me dodged these festivities so here are a few pics from the garden, I was trying to be arty don’t u know.



Scritchy, scratchy listen to the bugs.


Be positive like a flower and reach for your potential!


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