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Sat back on the blog

1 Mar

It’s been a while since my last venture onto the information superhighway and this old blog saddle ain’t as comfortable as I remember.  But, with a cooling walnut and peach cream applied to my delicates I’m ready to ride again “Yee Ruddy Ha”

Following our trip to the South Island there were so many things to write about that “I couldn’t see any trees in the wood” as the idiotic inverted idiom goes. So I’ve decided to keep this post simple and not over fry the noddles in my think wok.

This post is a bit more serious than any others from our trip as it covers the time me and the other half were in Christchurch. The destruction the earthquake caused  is one thing but the stories we were told from first hand experience stay with you. It’s difficult to even comprehend the history of memories that are gone when your landscape no longer bares a relationship to your past.

Anyway, I’ll shut up and let you look at the photos, next time who knows maybe a new carrot update?


Houses perched in the suburb of Sumner


Decorated Storage crates stacked to prevent more landslide




Middle of Christchurch – Emptied offices


Ribbons for those gone


More storage crates preventing further building collapses


A temporary Church spire erected for more fantastical thoughts


A chair for each victim.  A monument erected to reality.