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Carrot Update III

25 Jan

While out on my daily 15km run I was winding my way around Wellington harbour when a yell came behind “When’s the next carrot update?”. I turned around to see who it could be. But whoever had called had ducked out of sight, so off I went. Then as I made my way towards Mount Victoria again the yell came “When’s the next carrot update?” this time quick as flash I turned, but alas no one was there. Then entering Mount Victoria’s famous LOTR forest it came once again “When’s the next carrot update?” and yet again not a solitary soul could be seen. It was as if this most important question needed answering or it would remain floating around Wellington for ever and ever. Well, wait no longer floaty question, behold the latest picture below.


In the last update I mentioned the dreaded concept of ‘thinning out’ the carrots. Well root vegetable fans, I didn’t shirk my duties and let these carrots live a hippy lifestyle of free love, weed and Bob Dylan appreciation. Instead I went into that carrot patch with the zeal of a city asset stripper and took out the slow-growing minions that blocked my route to sky-scraping carrot nirvana.

On first view the carrots out performed my expected projections and are almost peaking, but I feel that a second round of ‘thinning out’ might be the order of the day to get max value from my stock.

Second, and this is to be expected in a busy market place, we have huge competition for sunshine ownership. It’s clear from the photo analysis above that both Lettuces and Broccoli are making strong movements on all sides and we can expect this to continue. My long-term objective is for a salad lunch on Sunday and then a roast dinner the following Friday. This classic pincer removal technique will open up both sides of available sunlight and I expect a full recovery with potentially huge carrot based gains to follow.